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List of Post Offices/ pincodes in areas under Bhopal district, Madhya Pradesh

Post Office District Pincode
1100 Qrts S.O Bhopal 462016
3 EME Centre S.O Bhopal 462031
AIIMS S.O Bhopal 462020
Air Port S.O Bhopal 462030
Amarawat Kalan B.O Bhopal 462042
Anand Nagar S.O Bhopal Bhopal 462022
Arera Hills S.O Bhopal 462027
Arwaliya B.O Bhopal 462038
Ayodhaya Nagar S.O Bhopal 462041
Bag Mungalia S.O Bhopal 462043
Bagroda B.O Bhopal 462026
Bairagarh Chichali B.O Bhopal 462042
Bairagarh Kalan B.O Bhopal 462030
Shahajahanabad S.O Bhopal 462001
Balachoan B.O Bhopal 463106
Balampur B.O Bhopal 462010
Bangrasia S.O Bhopal 462045
Barkheda B.O Bhopal 464993
Barkheda Baramad B.O Bhopal 462101
Barkheda H.E. S.O Bhopal 462022
Barkheda Nathu B.O Bhopal 462044
Barkhedi S.O Bhopal 462008
Basai B.O Bhopal 463106
Bawachiya B.O Bhopal 463111
Bawadia Kalan B.O Bhopal 462026
Bazaria Shahajahanabad S.O Bhopal 462001
Berasia Bhopal S.O Bhopal 463106
Berasia Road S.O Bhopal 462001
Bhel H.O Bhopal 462022
Bhonri B.O Bhopal 462030
Bhopal G.P.O. Bhopal 462001
Bilakho B.O Bhopal 462120
Bishankhedi B.O Bhopal 464993
C.T.T.Nagar H.O Bhopal 462003
Chandbad S.O Bhopal 462010
Chhola Road S.O Bhopal 462001
Chouk S.O Bhopal 462001
Dhamarra B.O Bhopal 462101
Dhaturiya B.O Bhopal 463111
Dillod S.O Bhopal 462101
Dungariya B.O Bhopal 463111
E-2 Sector S.O Bhopal 462016
Fanda B.O Bhopal 462030
Gada Jangeer B.O Bhopal 462120
Gandhi Medical College S.O Bhopal 462001
Gandhi Nagar Bhopal S.O Bhopal 462036
Govindpura S.O Bhopal 462023
Gunga B.O Bhopal 462101
H.E. Hospital S.O Bhopal 462024
Hamidia Road S.O Bhopal 462001
Harra Kheda B.O Bhopal 462101
IISER Bhouri S.O Bhopal 462066
Imaliya B.O Bhopal 462010
Industrial Estate S.O Bhopal Bhopal 462023
Islam Nagar B.O Bhopal 462038
Itwara S.O Bhopal 462001
Jahangirabad S.O Bhopal Bhopal 462008
Jamunia Kalan B.O Bhopal 462022
Jamusarkalan B.O Bhopal 463111
Jhagaria Khurd B.O Bhopal 462044
Jumerati S.O Bhopal 462001
Kalara B.O Bhopal 462101
Kamla Nagar S.O Bhopal Bhopal 462003
Khajuri Kalan B.O Bhopal 462022
Khajuri Sadak B.O Bhopal 462030
Khamkheda B.O Bhopal 462038
Khitwas B.O Bhopal 463106
Khukharia B.O Bhopal 462101
Kokata B.O Bhopal 462022
Kolar Road S.O Bhopal 462042
Kolua Khurd B.O Bhopal 462022
Kolukhedi B.O Bhopal 462120
Kotra Chopra B.O Bhopal 462101
Kulhoar B.O Bhopal 463111
Kurana B.O Bhopal 462030
Kutakipura B.O Bhopal 462101
Kuthar B.O Bhopal 462101
Lalariya S.O Bhopal 463111
Laloi B.O Bhopal 463106
M.A.C.T. S.O Bhopal 462007
M.L. Nagar S.O Bhopal 462038
M.L.A.Rest House S.O Bhopal 462003
M.P. Vidhan Sabha S.O Bhopal 462004
Mahaveer Nagar S.O Bhopal 462016
Mandideep S.O Bhopal 462046
Mangal Garh B.O Bhopal 462120
Meghra Kalan B.O Bhopal 463111
Misord S.O Bhopal 462047
Misrod B.O Bhopal 462026
MP Bhoj Open University S.O Bhopal 462016
Mungalia Chhap B.O Bhopal 462044
Mungaliya Hatt B.O Bhopal 462030
Nabibagh B.O Bhopal 462038
Naya Samund B.O Bhopal 462120
Nayapura B.O Bhopal 462030
Nazirabad S.O Bhopal 462120
Nishatpura S.O Bhopal 462010
Obedullaganj S.O Bhopal 464993
Old Secretriate S.O Bhopal 462001
Parwaliya Sadak B.O Bhopal 462030
Peoples Campus S.O Bhopal 462037
Pipal Khedi B.O Bhopal 463106
Pipaliya Jaheerpeer B.O Bhopal 462010
Polaha B.O Bhopal 462046
R.S.Market S.O Bhopal 462016
R.S.Nagar S.O Bhopal 462016
Raipur B.O Bhopal 462101
Raj Bhawan S.O Bhopal Bhopal 462003
Ratibad B.O Bhopal 462044
Ratua Ratanpur B.O Bhopal 462101
Regional College S.O Bhopal 462013
RGPV S.O Bhopal 462033
Runaha B.O Bhopal 462120
S.I. Line S.O Bhopal 462001
Satalapur B.O Bhopal 462046
Satpura S.O Bhopal 462004
Sewaniya Gond B.O Bhopal 462044
Shastri Nagar S.O Bhopal Bhopal 462003
Shiksha Mandal S.O Bhopal 462011
Shivaji Nagar S.O Bhopal Bhopal 462016
Sikandri Sarai S.O Bhopal 462010
Sindhora B.O Bhopal 462120
Sohaya B.O Bhopal 463111
Sonkachh B.O Bhopal 463106
Subhash Nagar S.O Bhopal Bhopal 462023
Sukaliya B.O Bhopal 462101
Sukhi Sewania B.O Bhopal 462010
Suraj Nagar S.O Bhopal 462044
Tara Sewaniya B.O Bhopal 462030
Tarawali Kalan B.O Bhopal 462101
Tila Khedi B.O Bhopal 462030
Trilanga S.O Bhopal 462039
Tulsi Nagar S.O Bhopal 462003
Tumada B.O Bhopal 462030
University S.O Bhopal Bhopal 462026
Vallabh Bhawan S.O Bhopal 462004
Vidya Vihar S.O Bhopal 462002

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