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List of Post Offices/ pincodes in areas under Phek district, Nagaland

Post Office District Pincode
Akhegwo B.O Phek 797114
Chetheba B.O Phek 797104
Chizami S.O Phek 797102
Chizami Village B.O Phek 797102
Chozuba S.O Phek 797104
Dzulhami B.O Phek 797104
Hutsu B.O Phek 797114
Ketsapo B.O Phek 797108
Khezhakeno B.O Phek 797107
Khuzami B.O Phek 797108
Kikruma B.O Phek 797107
Kilomi B.O Phek 797104
Lephori B.O Phek 797114
Losami B.O Phek 797108
Luzaphuhu B.O Phek 797108
Meluri S.O Phek 797114
Mesolumi B.O Phek 797107
Middle Khomi B.O Phek 797102
Old Phek B.O Phek 797108
Pfutsero S.O Phek 797107
Phek S.O Phek 797108
Phesachuduma B.O Phek 797107
Phugwu B.O Phek 797104
Porba B.O Phek 797107
Pungkhuri B.O Phek 797114
Runguzumi B.O Phek 797104
Sakraba B.O Phek 797107
Tekhouba B.O Phek 797107
Thechulumi B.O Phek 797102
Thenizumi B.O Phek 797104
Thipuzumi B.O Phek 797107
Thvophisumi B.O Phek 797104
Wazhiho B.O Phek 797114
Yaribami B.O Phek 797104
Zaketsa B.O Phek 797107
Zavame B.O Phek 797107
Zhamai B.O Phek 797107

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