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List of Post Offices/ pincodes in areas under Mohali district, Punjab

Post Office District Pincode
Allahpur B.O Mohali 140103
Bajheri B.O Mohali 140413
Baltana S.O Mohali 140604
Baraudi B.O Mohali 140110
Baroli B.O Mohali 140507
Bassi Gujran B.O Mohali 140112
Bhabat B.O Mohali 160003
Dappar Ad S.O Mohali 140506
Derabassi S.O Mohali 140507
Devinagar B.O Mohali 140507
Dhakaoli S.O Mohali 160104
Dharamgarh B.O Mohali 140501
Handesera B.O Mohali 140501
Hoshiarpur Taqipur B.O Mohali 140110
Jarut B.O Mohali 140501
Jauli B.O Mohali 140501
Jayanti Devi B.O Mohali 140901
Jhanjeri B.O Mohali 140307
Jharmarhi B.O Mohali 140501
Joula Kalan B.O Mohali 140501
Kalewal B.O Mohali 140103
Kansala B.O Mohali 140110
Khelan B.O Mohali 140501
Khizrabad West S.O Mohali 140109
Kubaheri B.O Mohali 140109
Kuda Jassu B.O Mohali 140901
Kurali S.O Mohali 140103
Kuranwala B.O Mohali 140507
Lalru S.O Mohali 140501
Majatri B.O Mohali 140307
Manakpur Sharif B.O Mohali 140110
Marauli Kalan B.O Mohali 140413
Mubarakpur S.O Patiala Mohali 140201
Mullanpur S.O Mohali 140901
Mundhon Kalan B.O Mohali 140103
Naya Gaon S.O Mohali Mohali 160103
Palheri B.O Mohali 140301
Phatwan B.O Mohali 140110
Radiala B.O Mohali 140301
Rampur Sainia B.O Mohali 140507
Rani Majra B.O Mohali 140901
Rani Majra B.O Mohali 140501
Rasanheri B.O Mohali 140307
Sahauran B.O Mohali 140103
Sakrulapur B.O Mohali 140413
Samgoli B.O Mohali 140501
Sialba Majri S.O Mohali 140110
Singhpura B.O Mohali 140103
Sirsihni B.O Mohali 140501
Siswan B.O Mohali 140110
Tassimbli B.O Mohali 140501
Tiwana B.O Mohali 140501
Zirakpur S.O Mohali 140603

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